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What are the important office areas to be cleaned? Why is it so essential to maintain the cleanliness of these important areas? The reason is the impression and image it will create for your business.

In today’s business world, the first impression has a great impact on your business. A clean, orderly and well-maintained office creates a positive and lasting impression of your business. The clean, inviting and welcoming image of your company will certainly impress all your guests, potential clients and visitors.

We can help you with reliable and efficient office cleaning services in Malaysia. We, Cleaning Services Malaysia, can create that positive impact for your business. 

The Important Office Areas To Be Cleaned

There are many important office areas to be cleaned in order to create that right and amazing impression. Below are listed in detail the major areas.

The Lift

If your business premises or office is on the upper floor of a big commercial building, then another area to be kept clean is the lift. Your employees, guests, visitors and potential clients will often take the lift to your office. So the lift must always be in good working condition.

The cleaners must ensure that all the knobs or switches in the lift must be wiped clean to remove all dirty fingerprints or smudges. Even the 3 walls and the door of the lift must be wiped until they shine. The floor of the lift must be mopped totally dust-free and dry as well. There should not be even a small scrap of litter on the floor. 

The Entrance or Foyer

This is the first place that all potential clients and customers step into whenever they approach your business premises or office. It must give a good impression as it reflects the type of business you deal in and how successful it is. This area is commonly known as the entrance or foyer. This comes in the form of a long or short hallway leading to the reception area which is also another equally important area. 

If the entrance is carpeted, then it is of utmost importance that the carpet must be vacuumed every morning. If the carpet looks worn out or faded due to constant or frequent usage, then it should be changed to a new one. Next, it must be disinfected and if there are any stains, these must be removed by the cleaners immediately. The lighting must be bright enough and must be checked and wiped regularly.

The Reception Area

This is the most important area to be cleaned. This area projects the image of your company. This is where the first impression is made. The reception area should be bright, airy, well-ventilated, cozy and spacious. The settee and tables must be dust-free and disinfected as well. 

All countertops and glass surfaces such as table-tops, windows and glass partitions should be spotlessly cleaned until the glass shines. Artificial plants and all decorations should be dusted and wiped clean. Plants growing in pots must be watered daily.

The floor should be free from any clutter. No files or cardboard boxes should be placed on the floor. Vacuum and mop the floor daily and once a month it should be polished until it gleams. If carpets are used, these must be vacuumed to prevent and eliminate dust mites and insects and to dispel any musty foul smell and odor. All carpets must be disinfected as well.

Employees’ Working Area

It is essential to maintain daily cleanliness here. A clean environment is a healthy, happy and conducive place for your employees to be more productive. The furniture and cubicles or partitions must be dusted and wiped clean.

The floor must be vacuumed and mopped thoroughly clean to maintain a virus-free environment. All door knobs and switches must be wiped too. All files and documents should be neatly kept in the appropriate cupboards and drawers. These must be correctly labeled to ensure easy retrieval.

The Main Office

Your office should be spotlessly cleaned at all times.  It should not be cluttered up with all kinds of stuff. Files and important documents should be kept in the cabinets. The furniture and the floor should be squeaky clean too.

A well-organized and thoroughly cleaned office reflects on a well-disciplined manager. This is an obvious sign of a very successful and thriving business. So cleanliness must be maintained all year round. 

The Toilets and Bathrooms (Restrooms)

These are crucial places where employees, visitors and clients frequent in times of need. Nobody wants to use a filthy, smelly, wet and slippery toilet or bathroom. The toilet bowls, sinks, mirrors, door knobs must be cleaned and sanitized daily. The floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles should be scrubbed and washed thoroughly to remove all the filth and dirt.

This whole place should be disinfected daily with a fresh, invigorating and refreshing fragrance. The floor should be kept dry at all times to prevent any minor accidents or fatal falls. Finally, these important areas should be sanitized regularly. 

The Pantry

This place must be kept completely clean at all times as employees meet and often eat here too. They take their coffee or tea break here. They have lunch and even take their dinner here as well if they need to work overtime. To reduce any health hazards, the furniture should be regularly, if not daily, dusted, wiped and cleaned thoroughly. Food scraps, breadcrumbs and drink or curry spills must be completely removed.

So the floor too must not only be swept or vacuumed, it should also be mopped thoroughly and then kept dry to avoid any mishaps or falls due to a wet floor. The fridge, microwave, oven, toaster and gas stove (if available) must be kept clean too.  Clean the outside and inside of all the above-mentioned kitchen appliances. Throw away any unfinished food or drinks with expired expiry dates.

By doing this, you have effectively eliminated all kinds of pests and insects such as ants, cockroaches, lizards and even rats. Spray and disinfect the whole pantry. This should be followed by proper sanitizing of the pantry for safety and health.

Trash Bins

Many trash bins are placed in the office, the bathrooms and toilets and in the pantry. Trash removal is very important in ensuring a healthy, clean and pest-free working environment in your office. The trash from all the office bins must be cleared every day. Trash here means all types of waste paper, used tissue paper and other types of waste material normally disposed of by your employees in the office.

On the other hand, trash from bins in the toilets and bathrooms may include used paper towels, dirty tissue paper and even used sanitary pads. Furthermore, trash from the pantry may include lunch leftovers, uneaten food and drinks, paper cups, styrofoam lunch boxes, plastic forks and spoons.

All these various types of trash from the different types of trash bins, from the office, the toilets and bathrooms and the pantry, must be disposed off at the end of every day by the cleaners. Such trash must not be kept in the trash bins overnight, especially the trash from the pantry.

After the removal of this trash, the trash bins must be relined with a new trash bag ready for the next day. So do not neglect your trash bins. In fact, all trash bins must be washed and disinfected at least once a week.



In conclusion, a messy, disorganized and filthy office is bad for business. So it is extremely essential to hire a reputable cleaning service company such as Cleaning Services Malaysia to maintain the cleanliness of your business premises. Remember to keep these important office areas spotlessly clean. Do not hesitate to contact the professional office cleaners to clean up the office for you.