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Event Cleaning Services Malaysia

We, CleaningServices Malaysia, provide you with our premium event cleaning services throughout Malaysia. We provide different types of cleaning services to satisfy your needs. Our professional cleaners will keep your venue clean, neat and tidy before your important event or after your event.


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Benefits of Hiring Event Cleaning Services

It is not easy to organize an important and major event. There are many things to take care of in order to make an official company event such as exhibitions or a happy family event such as weddings, grand birthday celebration or anniversary celebrations successful and memorable.

Many benefits are derived from hiring professional event cleaning services. First and foremost, you save your precious time and energy from doing such time-consuming tasks as cleaning up the mess before and after the event. Your time and energy can be more beneficially used to focus on better management and the smooth organisation of your event.

Secondly, professional cleaners, being more experienced, are very organised and more competent in their job. They can do the cleaning up faster in a much shorter time, more efficiently and more thoroughly.

Besides that, they are well-trained and highly-skilled in using high technology equipment and tools for cleaning up services. They also know how to handle non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaning chemicals safely and with the most care and caution.

Lastly, they are responsible in removing all your waste and litter by tying them up in huge garbage bags which are then safely disposed off. Professional cleaners will leave your venue as spick and span and as neat and orderly as before.

Event Cleaning Services

Why Choose Our Event Cleaning Services?

Our professional event cleaning services will enable you to have a stress-free, time-saving and energy-saving lifestyle. When planning and organising an important official function, or a grand happy family event, you will inevitably face with the Herculean task of cleaning up the awful mess before the after the event. Our professional event cleaners will handle the time-consuming task of cleaning up especially after the event. So you can concentrate, focus and prioritize on the more urgent and important matters.

Being more professional and experienced, our team of event cleaners can clean up the venue faster and more thoroughly and more efficiently. They are well-trained and highly-skilled in their cleaning tasks. Whether your venue is indoors or outdoors they can restore the place to its original spick and span state in the shortest time.

Our event cleaning services have invested in some up-to-date equipment and tools. We have trained our team of cleaners to use these effectively to clean up your place. They are also knowledgeable in using high-level disinfectants and chemicals in removing all kinds of stubborn food stains and drink spills. They have been trained to handle the equipment and use these eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals, with the utmost care and caution.

Our event cleaners work as a great team. As every cleaner knows her or his job scope, we have great teamwork, working in a methodical and organized way. All kinds of waste and litter such as paper cups and paper plates and food scraps will be quickly and efficiently disposed off. All these will be tightly tight up in huge garbage bags to prevent stray dogs and cats from scavenging and prevent the foul odour from attracting pests and insects such as flies, cockroaches and rats.  

We are an insured company as well. In case our cleaners, during their cleaning up, damage any of your property, we have insurance coverage for you. We also protect your interest as well. 

We provide you with quality event cleaning services at an affordable price. We work flexible hours. We can also customize the type of cleaning services that you may require. Just call us for an appointment.  

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The Process of Event Cleaning Services Malaysia

We, CleaningServices Malaysia, offer you quality event cleaning services. We provide pre and post-event cleaning services. We cater for both outdoor and indoor venue. Outdoor venue includes any open space such as in a field or garden. Indoor venue includes a house, a community hall or an indoor stadium.

For pre-event cleaning services of either outdoors or indoors, our professional cleaners will ensure that the whole place is thoroughly cleaned. Not only that, if you wish, we may decorate the venue for you with banners, placards, balloons, flags, colourful streamers and even flowers. We can even put up a stage and prepare the backdrop for you with suitable wordings. Furniture and chairs are arranged according to your request for all your guests.

For post-event cleaning services of either outdoor or indoor venue, our professional cleaners will be responsible to take down all the banners, placards, flags, streamers and other paraphernalia. They will dispose of all other decorative items, flowers and balloons. The stage and backdrop will also be dismantled. All the furniture and chairs will be neatly stacked up for movers to remove them.

Next, the whole place will be cleaned up. All litter such as used paper cups and plates, tissue paper and food scraps will be properly disposed of. All litter will be put into huge plastic bags and tied up tightly to ensure that no pests such as stray dogs, cats or rats and insects such as cockroaches and flies can scatter the rubbish everywhere.

For indoor venue, the place will be swept and mopped thoroughly. All food stains and drink spills will be effectively removed from the floor. The whole place will be restored to its original squeaky clean state. This is the standard procedure of our event cleaning services. If you wish, we can also customize other types of event cleaning services for you. Just call us for an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I book an after-party cleaning service?

Just contact us through our website or call us.


2. Why choose Cleaning Services Malaysia?

Our company has been in this industry for many years. We use high-technology equipment and our professional cleaners work as a great team to give you quality cleaning services.


3. What is the price of the event cleaning services?

The price depends on a number of factors. It depends on the location, the size of your venue and also on the type of cleaning services you need. Contact us and tell us the details before we can quote you a reasonable price.


4. What shall we do if your workers accidentally damage my property while cleaning it?

We have insured our company. The insurance coverage will compensate you for the damage.


5. Can we hire your event cleaning services any day and at any time?

Yes. We work flexible hours to accommodate your requests. Just book for an appointment.

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