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Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services Malaysia

It is advisable to hire our professional move in/move out cleaning services Malaysia to handle all your moving in or moving out cleaning services of your home or office. CleaningServices Malaysia will take good care of all your cleaning needs.


If you move out of your rented house or office, you are responsible for leaving the premises in a clean tip-top condition. If not, your landlord will deduct a certain amount from your deposit for cleaning up the whole place. Feel free to book our move-in or move-out cleaning services Malaysia to do the job for you.


Before moving in to your new home or office, you need cleaning services to ensure the place is thoroughly dust-free as dust can easily trigger respiratory and asthmatic problems. Scattered, sharp construction debris left behind by renovators may cause bad or even fatal accidents. Get our move-in cleaning services to eliminate such health problems and nasty accidents. Our professional move-in or move-out cleaning services will remove all dirt, dust, grime and debris from your premises. Contact us today!


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Why Choose Our Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services Malaysia?

If you are searching for a move in/move out cleaning service, we, CleaningServices Malaysia offer you the best move in/move out services in Malaysia. You will get your money’s worth and satisfaction is guaranteed with our move in/move out cleaning services. We give you the best move in/move out cleaning services due to the following reasons:-


  • an honest and trustworthy team of professional cleaners.
  • well-trained in using cleaning chemicals and high technology cleaning equipment.
  • knowledgeable, efficient and experienced cleaners.
  • punctual, consistent and thorough in their work.
  • give quality and reliable cleaning services.
  • we can customize your cleaning services.
  • we can arrange a flexible cleaning service schedule on any day and at any time suitable for you to accommodate you.
  • we offer move in/move out cleaning services at a reasonable and affordable price to suit your budget.

The Process of Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services Malaysia

Generally, all homes and offices are different. So the required cleaning services may vary. We, CleaningServices Malaysia, offer you the following move in/move out cleaning services:-

  • dusting, cleaning and wiping of ceilings, walls and all accessible surfaces.
  • cleaning and wiping of ceiling fans, ceiling lights and air-conditioners.
  • cleaning and wiping of windows, all glass surfaces and glass sliding doors.
  • cleaning and wiping of windows grilles, sliding door grilles and door grilles.
  • cleaning and wiping of wooden doors, kitchen cabinets and closets.
  • low and high dusting including vents and grates.
  • vacuuming and mopping parquet and tiled floors.
  • vacuuming of upholstery and other furniture.
  • disposal of all construction debris.
  • mopping of all floors.
  • washing of toilets and scrubbing of bathrooms.
  • washing of outdoor areas such as balcony and porch.
  • deep disinfection and sanitation cleaning (if required).

On the whole, the cleaning time depends on the amount of work required and the type and size of your house or office. We can customize your cleaning needs if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the price of move in/move out cleaning services?

The price depends on the type of cleaning services you require. It also depends on the location and size of your house or office.


2. How many cleaners will be involved in the move in/move out cleaning services?

This will depend on the size of your house or office. A team of 3 or 4 cleaners will be able to speed up the cleaning services.


3. Can we trust your cleaners to do a good job?

Yes. All our cleaners are honest and trustworthy with many years of experience in handling chemicals and high powered tools in cleaning services.


4. Do we need to supply the cleaners with any cleaning detergent?

If we find your cleaning detergent suitable and effective, we may use it. If not, we will use ours.


5. Can you customize our cleaning services?

Yes we can. We will accommodate you in whatever way we can.

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