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Office Cleaning Services Malaysia

We, CleaningServices Malaysia, offer you the best office cleaning services in Malaysia. A spotlessly clean office environment increases employees’ productivity. It is very important to ensure the office is completely dust-free to safeguard the health of all employees. Our team of highly skilled and professional office cleaners will thoroughly and immaculately clean and sanitize your office. They are well-trained in office cleaning services. For cleaning services Malaysia, contact us today for an appointment.


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Types of Office Cleaning Services

We offer you various types of office cleaning services. We can also customize for you the special types of office cleaning services that you may require. Generally, we offer you the following types of office cleaning services:-

  • General/regular office cleaning services
  • Deep cleaning office services
  • High and low dusting services
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning services
  • Window washing services
  • Vacuuming and mopping services

General or regular cleaning services are recommended weekly or monthly. Our professional office cleaners will come very early in the morning at about 6.30a.m. to clean up your office. Or they will clean your office after office hours at about 7.30p.m. Deep cleaning is more detailed and more time consuming. It is recommended monthly or even half yearly. Deep cleaning is usually done during the weekends or even public holidays when no employees are around.

Why You Should Hire Our Office Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Well-trained and Experienced

Our professional office cleaners are well-trained and highly skilled with many years of experience.

Reliable and Quality Service

We offer you the best office cleaning services from our professional office cleaners for their reliable and quality service.

Honest and trustworthy

We have done a thorough check on the background of our professional office cleaners before employing and training them. They have good credentials, being honest and trustworthy.

Use High Technology Equipment and Effective Solutions

Our professional office cleaners are trained in using high technology equipment for office cleaning services. They are also well-trained in using a wide range of powerful and effective solutions and chemicals to remove all types of stubborn stains and dirt from your office floors, bathroom floors and your office carpets and rugs. They are trained in using these detergents with the greatest care to ensure no damage is done to your furniture, fittings and other property.

Create a Conducive Environment

A clean, neat and organized office increases productivity. It also gives a good impression on all your clients. Our team of professional office cleaners will create a conducive working environment for all your employees.

Affordable Price

We offer you such excellent and efficient office cleaning services at a reasonable and highly affordable price.


The Cost of Office Cleaning Services in Malaysia

The cost of office cleaning services in Malaysia will depend on several factors such as:-

  • the size and location of your office
  • the type of office cleaning services you require
  • the number of office cleaners involved
  • the number of hours it takes to complete the office cleaning services.

We can assure you our price is most reasonable and highly affordable.

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What to Expect from Our Office Cleaning Services 

You can only expect the best from our professional office cleaning services in Malaysia. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer you quality service at a reasonable and affordable price. We can even customize the type of office cleaning services you may need. Usually, we offer various office cleaning services as described below:-

Thorough Dusting and Vacuuming

Our professional office cleaners will first dust the ceiling and walls of the office with a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and cobwebs. Next, they will dust and vacuum all the office furniture such as tables, chairs and sofas. All office carpets and rugs will also be thoroughly vacuumed. The office floor will be vacuumed thoroughly.


Thorough Wiping 

Using a damp cotton absorbent cloth, our professional office cleaners will wipe the office furniture including the air-conditioners and other office equipment such as the photocopy machines and stand fans (if any). All glass surfaces, windows, glass sliding doors, partitions and cubicles will be wiped thoroughly. All ceiling lights will also be wiped thoroughly.

Thorough Mopping

All non-carpeted floors will be meticulously mopped clean. This includes the staircases and corridors as well.


Special Cleaning Services 

We also offer you 2 special cleaning services such as pantry cleaning services and thorough toilet and bathroom cleaning services.

Pantry Cleaning Services

Your office pantry will be cleaned thoroughly. This includes the cupboards, pantry tops and the sinks as well. The floor will be scrubbed with a brush and then mopped dry. Any used dishes, dirty pots and pans will be washed and stacked up to dry before storing them inside the cabinet. The sink will also be washed.

Thorough Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning Services

Our professional office cleaners will scrub the walls and floors of the office toilets and bathrooms thoroughly. Proper scrubbing of the toilet bowls is done with a good brush and a powerful cleaning detergent to remove effectively unsightly and dirty stains. The whole place is mopped completely dry. Finally, our professional office cleaners will use a fragrant air freshener to freshen up the toilets and bathrooms.

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