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Post Renovation Cleaning Services Malaysia

We, CleaningServices Malaysia, are renowned for providing premium post renovation cleaning services throughout Malaysia. After renovating your house or office, you will have to deal with the dust filled ceilings and walls and the awful mess left behind by your renovators. You need to get our professional help in post renovation cleaning services for your house or office.


Our professional team of post renovation cleaning services will relieve you of your headache of how to start and where to begin and which places to clean first. Our professional team will thoroughly and effectively clean up your dust-coated ceilings and walls and remove all your paint-stained and grime-stained floors.


We give you quick, reliable, fast, efficient and quality post renovation cleaning services. You can better manage your time by devoting your time on how to transform your newly renovated house into a warm, cozy and comfortable home or office instead. Leave the post renovation cleaning to our professionals. We will do a good and satisfactory job. Just sit back and enjoy living in your new home or working in your new office in a stress-free, dust-free and virus-free environment.


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Why Choose CleaningServices Malaysia?

We, CleaningServices Malaysia, offer you faster, more efficient, more convenient and quality post-renovation cleaning services. You will get your money’s worth by investing in our services. We will clean up your newly renovated house until it is sparklingly and dazzlingly clean. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with everything spick and span.


We have an experienced team of professional cleaners who are well-trained and highly skilled with many years of experience in post-renovation cleaning services. They provide reliable and quality service as they have proven to be honest, dedicated, responsible and trustworthy in their job.


We are equipped with high-powered tools and equipment applying up-to-date cleaning technologies and methods to thoroughly clean up the mess left by the renovators.


We use safe but effective chemicals which are non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive and eco-friendly. These chemicals are highly effective in removing paint stains, stubborn stains, ugly marks and smudges left by the renovators. Our cleaners use these chemicals with the greatest care and caution so as not to damage any of the infrastructures.


Our professional cleaners are highly knowledgeable in the proper and safe way of construction debris and waste disposal. Rusty nails, screws and rusty sharp objects carelessly left behind by renovators, are carefully disposed of. By so doing, nasty accidents are avoided and so is health hazard eliminated.


We have flexible working hours. There are no rest days for us. We can also customize the type of post renovation cleaning service that you may require. We will try our best to accommodate your request.


We offer you quality post-renovation cleaning services at a reasonable and affordable price. The price will depend on the location, the type and size of your house, the condition of your house and the type of post renovation cleaning services you want. Do not hesitate to call us for an appointment.

Benefits Derived From Post Renovation Cleaning Services Malaysia

Many house and office owners, after the extensive renovation work, have booked CleaningServices Malaysia for our post renovation cleaning services. It is highly recommended that our expert cleaners solve all your post renovation cleaning problems. There are many benefits derived from post renovation cleaning services.

Our professional cleaners will remove and safely dispose of all the renovation debris. Rusty nails, screws and any sharp objects left behind by renovators can cause accidents and post some health hazards.

Next, our professional cleaners will effectively remove the thick dust from your ceilings and walls by using a powerful vacuum cleaner without damaging the infrastructure. Ugly paint stains and dirty smudges are also effectively removed from the floors using the most care and caution. You will save precious time by not involving yourself in this time consuming post renovation cleaning process. Instead, you can use your time more beneficially by thinking of how you can transform your newly renovated house or office into a cozy and comfortable home or office.

You can also save up your money by not spending it on getting expensive high-technology cleaning equipment and tools. This expenditure is not cost-effective because you will use it only once or twice a lifetime. It is also a wastage of buying the high-level cleaning chemicals yourself as these are usually sold in huge quantities.

So, leave the cleaning to the experts who will definitely handle all your post renovation cleaning problems faster, more efficiently and more thoroughly. This ensures your new home or office is safe as it is dust-free and virus-free.

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The Process of Post-Renovation Cleaning Services in Malaysia


The first step is to call CleaningServices Malaysia for an appointment. We will come and assess the condition of your house or office and decide on the types of cleaning to be done. Upon confirming and agreeing on the price, we will start the process of post renovation cleaning services.

The following procedure describes some basic steps in our post renovation cleaning process:-

First of all, it is very important to properly and safely dispose of all construction debris and waste left behind by the renovators. Rusty nails, pieces of scrap metal, screws and all small sharp objects may cause nasty accidents. All these will be disposed of straight away. Next, high and low dusting will be carried out. The dust-coated ceilings and walls will be vacuumed with a powerful vacuum cleaner without damaging the infrastructures. The grates and vents of air-conditioners are similarly dusted to get rid of all the dust accumulated during the renovation. The upholstery and other furnishings will also be vacuumed.

Then all accessible surfaces will be wiped clean to remove the dust completely. These include the wiping of ceiling fans, lightings and air conditioners. The glass windows and glass sliding doors will be wiped using a glass cleaning liquid. Window grilles and door grilles are also wiped. Wooden doors, kitchen cabinets, closets and wooden dividers are also wiped clean.

All tiled, marbled and parquet floors are first vacuumed. Then the parquet floor is mopped dry without damaging the parquet. The tiled or marbled floor is mopped thoroughly clean using a good mop and an effective floor cleaning detergent. The floor has to be mopped several times so as to remove the “sandy effect” after the renovation. Any stubborn stains will also be removed using a high-level detergent. This ensures the place will be squeaky clean.

The bathroom floor and wall tiles will be washed and scrubbed to remove all dust and stains. The toilet bowls and bathroom and kitchen sinks will be scrubbed with an effective detergent until they become sparklingly clean. The kitchen countertop will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all smudges. The outdoor areas of the house such as the balcony and the porch will also be thoroughly cleaned. The floor tiles will be scrubbed to get rid of any stains.

Finally, we can also carry out disinfection services if needed. We can also deodorize the whole house or office to remove the smell of fresh paint on the walls.

As each house or office is not the same, we can also customize your post renovation cleaning services according to your specific request. We work flexible hours and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Call us for an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How do I book a post renovation cleaning service?

Just contact us to request for a post renovation service. Our website is the easiest option to book our service.


2. What is the price of the post renovation cleaning service?

The price depends on the location, the size of your house or office and on the types of post renovation cleaning services that you may require. We will send our technician to assess the condition of your place and then give you a reasonable quotation.


3. How long does the post renovation cleaning services take?

The amount of time spent on post renovation cleaning depends on the scale of work done and the area size of your house or office.


4. Do we need to provide you with brooms, vacuum claner and other cleaning detergents?

You are not required to provide us with any of these things. We have our special high technology equipment and tools for the cleaning services. We also use soem eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals for our cleaning services.


5. Can we trust your cleaners to do a good job?

Yes, of course. Our cleaners are very professional and they have been well-trained and experienced. They are not only highly skilled in their job but are also honest, trustworthy and reliable. We give you quality post renovation cleaning services.



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